Images of Sin

Sin has not only been a favorite pastime of humans throughout the ages, but a favorite topic of artists as well! Maybe this has something to do with the fact that most artists are amoral, shiftless oddballs who seem to take perverse pleasure in being on the margins of civilized society. Except Norman Rockwell. He was a real artist! Not like this "modern art" you see everywhere! And Michaelangelo!

For your viewing pleasure, the Seven Deadly Sins Emporium presents a (growing) collection of images of & about Sin.

Warning: All images are copyrighted and used with the permission of the artists. If you would like to copy or reproduce any image or buy some artwork, refer to their page for info on how to send a request.

A fascinating set of anthropomorphic Woodcarvings of the Seven Deadly Sins by a British artist.
Computer-generated Sinful images from Digital Illustrator Tim Dry. He's British, too. Is there some sort of connection here I don't get?
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