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Lust and other Deadly Sins books

A distinguished thinker offers an unabashed defense of everyone's favorite sin, part of Oxford's series on the seven deadlies. Seven prominent writers were invited to consider the seven deadly sins, and the result is a series of small, cleverly illustrated, and scintillating volumes. This series includes the books Gluttony, Envy, Pride, Greed, Sloth, and Anger. The Anger one is by a Buddhist scholar, for example, and I think that's pretty cool.

The Seven Deadly Sins Today
by Henry Fairlie
Brilliant, beautifully-written, tough, and timeless. Fairlie presents the Deadly Sins as they manifest themselves in contemporary Western society and in individual lives. Whether or not one is religious in orientation (Fairlie characterizes himself as a "reluctant unbeliever") this book offers a disciplined optimism in suggesting that "the understanding that we sin is a summons to life." Paperback, 216 pages.

The Seven Deadly Sins : Jewish, Christian, and Classical Reflections on Human Psychology
by Solomon Schimmel

Schimmel defines each sin, and then interprets their impact on human character. The work examines each sin from a classic Greek, Jewish and Christian perspective, suggesting that psychology must incorporate many of the ethical and spiritual values of religion and moral philosophy if it is to effectively address the emotional problems faced by modern men and women, be they believers or agnostics. Paperback, 312 pages.

Skipping Towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in America
by Dan Savage

Someone has to speak up for the sinners, and syndicated sex columnist Savage thinks he's the man to do it. Savage organizes his book into seven chapters, each devoted to one of the deadly sins, arguing that whatever consenting adults want to do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business. Savage does a bit of "undercover reporting" for each sin, checking out a swinger's party for "Lust," visiting Las Vegas for "Greed" and attending a fat acceptance convention for "Gluttony." Hardcover, 320 pages.

Capital Sins: Seven Obstacles to Life and Love
by Gerard P. Weber

A readable and up-to-date process for coming to decisions about crucial contemporary personal and social questions. Father Gerard Weber revisits the classic seven capital sins--pride, envy, anger, greed, gluttony, sloth, and lust--in the interest of "naming, claiming, and taming" them en route to living the full, loving lives we so desire.

Four Cardinal Virtues
by Josef Pieper

Justice, Mercy, Fortitude and Prudence - the Four Cardinal Virtues - are defined and discussed in an engaging way by the author. Prudence is seen as the guiding virtue which provides the proper measure of all virtues. Justice without Mercy is cruelty, Fortitude without Prudence is foolishness, and so on. A interesting approach to learning more about essential virtues. Paperback.

Summa Theologiae : A Concise Translation
by Thomas Aquinas, Timothy McDermott (Editor)

St. Thomas Aquinas, a ground-breaking writer of the 13th century, was one of the finest theological writers in Western thought. The Summa examines the nature of sin, evil, and redemption, including the Seven Heavenly Virtues, and considers a range of human transgressions, including what are now known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Paperback.

The Canterbury Tales
by Geoffrey Chaucer, Nevill Coghill (Translator)

"Now is it bihovely thyng to telle whiche been the sevene deedly synnes..." McCaughrean's accomplished prose version of the medieval classic contains the lively, absorbing, often outrageously funny stories of the 14th century travelers, including passages directly referencing the Deadly Sins. Paperback.

Starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow
This creepy cinematic treatment of the Deadly Sins features Pitt and Freeman as detectives tracking down a serial killer who is trying and executing his victims for each one of the Sins. David Fincher's (Alien 3) stylish noir thriller features razor-sharp performances and dark, glittering cinematography.
DVD. Usually ships within 24 hours.

Sacred Origins of Profound Things
by Charles Panati

A noted expert on the origins of ordinary objects tackles the mysteries of religion in an enlightening odyssey into the origins of sacred practices and customs, the reasons for religious holidays, ritualistic symbols, and more. Read about the origin of sacraments, crucifixion as punishment, the rosary, and the first mention of Heaven, Hell, Limbo, and Purgatory. Paperback.

The Inferno of Dante : A New Verse Translation
by Dante Alighieri, translated by Robert Pinsky

Dante's tale of a descent into hell communicates the horror, despair, and terror of the inferno with such immediacy, you can almost smell the sulfur and feel the heat from the rain of fire. Descend into the pit and meet the sinners of each of the nine circles. Brilliantly translated, with 35 illustrations. Paperback, 355 pages.

The Concept of Sin
by Josef Pieper, Edward T. Oakes

Readers of his work already know Pieper as an extraordinarily fitting master in this art of making "the wisdom of the ages" a living reality today. What emerges from this analysis is the discovery that "the concept of sin can still serve to unlock the mystery of existence." Pieper examines the idea that sin is "the willful denial of one’s own life-ground."

The Devil : A Visual Guide to the Demonic, Evil, Scurrilous, and Bad
by Genevieve Morgan (Contributor), Tom Morgan
Whether you call him Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Beelzebub, or the Prince of Darkness, the Devil gets his due in this wickedly entertaining, informative and mysteriously alluring volume. The Devil is a satanic compendium of angels gone bad, the flipside to the immensely popular Saints. Over 100 full-color illustrations. Hardback, 176 pages.

Disordered Loves: Healing the Seven Deadly Sins
by William S. Stafford

A contemporary look at sin and temptation. Stafford explores the psychological aspects of envy, lust, avarice, gluttony, anger, dispair, and pride, and offers sacramental remedies rooted in Christian tradition. Provides readers with a contemporary language for talking about sin and temptation. Paperback, 141 pages.

The Travellers' Guide to Hell: Don't Leave This World Without It
by Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls

This is the finest and most accurate tourists' guide to the netherworld, updated to include all Hades' must-see sights that you won't want to miss as your flesh is eternally consumed in agonozing hellfire. This is also the first book to mention this website (right there on page 6!), and for that reason alone I urge you to order several copies.

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