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The Deadly Beasts [click to get a bigger view]

With fascinating full-color depictions of the Seven Deadly Sins, these shirts, cups, and mousepads may be the most important products you buy in the new millennium. This original artwork of the Deadly Sins is (very) loosely based on a series of 16th century engravings, and features animals posing as the various sins.

Shirt sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
(small additional charge for 2X & 3X sizes)

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Large mug


The Sinner NEW! [click to view stuff]

This long-awaited shirt features the glum face of some depraved sinful person. He may look like a cartoon but don't be fooled! He's a vile transgressor and will burn for it! He's being followed around by big letters that scream out SINNER, tipping off passersby that this man has strayed from the path of moral righteousness. Just like what happens to sinners in real life except for the big letters!


Karma bonus

Twenty percent of profits from sales are being donated to HIV-prevention programs for young people. By my calculations, that means if you buy five things you'll have a 100% chance of getting into heaven! (Some restrictions may apply.)

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